Japanese Tea Machine

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Model: DTS-BN

Enjoy it hot or cold

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Japanese Tea Machine DTS-BN Product Descriptions

  • The simple design ensures that each part can be removed and assembled separately.
  • This allows for easy daily care and maintenance.
  • Enjoy the drink of your choice with the touch of a button.
  • Operation Panel
    - Adjust the ingredients and amount of hot water.
  • Power Switch
    - Turn the power off and on.
  • Canister
    - Approx. 100g of powder ingredients (100 cups).
  • Mixing Tray
    - Mixes the ingredients with hot or cold water.
    - Can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Cup Stage
    - Once it fills up with waste water, lift it up to remove it for cleaning.
Model Japanese Tea Machine DTS-BN
Type(Supply Method) DTS-BN (Bottle Type)
Supply Tank Capacity 5 gallons: Approx. 19 litres
3 gallons: Approx. 12 litres
Size A. Height 1173mm
B. Width 340mm
C. Depth 430mm
(Size excludes bottle)
Hot Water/Cold Water Tank Capacity Hot Water (approx. 85 C)/1.6 litres
Cold Water (approx .5 C)/3 litres
Drink Types Hot Water: 3 types of hot drinks
Cold Water: 3 types of cold drinks
Ingredient Container (Number of Cups) Approx. 100g (approx. 100 cups of powder ingredients) x3
Power Supply AC100V 50/60Hz